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Exciting new things to talk about this month
Our hearts are full
We witnessed the extraordinary character of twelve young speakersat the competition on 27 May.
Starting young
Check out the enormous success of this Careers Expo run by Holy Family School.
It's a mystery
Returning to one's sport of choice after a prolonged absence can have interesting outcomes.
Find out how you can support this initiative that has been running for a little while now and provides so many opportunities for our young people. We're always looking for more 'movers and shakers'.
The Outside World
A long way from Porirua, donationsare being sought urgently to save an endangered species and there are competitions for children. 
You're missing out
Check out the events you find on thispage and you'll see that yours is missing. And you'll enjoy the theconcerts this weekend.

E-Newsletter May 2017

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