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There's lots going on in and around the City
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It's donation time
It's time to find all those books you can donate. Bring 'em in! And while you're at it, read what one of our many speakers had to tell us.
Second phase begins
About 3,000 children will be involved in the Shine Literacy initiative this year. These are exciting times.
It's party time!
We're having a Twilight Food Festivalon 31 March. Everyone's welcome so do come along.
Progress in the City
A quick look at progress since the Shine summit convened in 2013.

Persistence pays off
John Davies-Colley found that a period of volunteering reaped big rewards in his budding career.
More Progress
It's well worth a drive past to see how thebridge is progressing. And the red flags show the route to join up with the Camborne Walkway.
Find your passion
What a great way to start the year with a Careers Day at Te Kura Maori o Porirua. The students heard first-hand 
about some different career pathways. 
Sleep is so essential
Sometimes a lack of sleep just catches up with us. Why do we have a short fuse today or why is our attention span is non-existent?
Are you loading your events!
There's so much going on in the City but only a couple of events are showing up on the Events page. Get loading!

E-Newsletter February 2017

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