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Dealing with Challenges Workshop



Thu 12 Jul 2018, 09:00 am


Thu 12 Jul 2018, 12:30 pm


Johnsonville Community Centre
3 Frankmoore Avenue Johnsonville


Business, Conferences Workshops Classes, Personal Development, Education


Wheelchair access, Accessible toilets, Mobility parking


Chrysalis Members - $60; Non Members $100

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Chrysalis for Women

Men are also welcome to this workshop

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Outline of workshop

  • What are challenges?
  • Why do they feel scary or hard?
  • How to navigate through obstacles and see them as stepping stones.
  • Dealing with self doubt and other unhelpful thinking patterns.
  • What other successful business people do that helps them.
  • Acknowledging your own potential, talents and ability to succeed.
  • Celebrating success and moving forwards consistently with more confidence.

The session will include a number of practical exercises to help participants feel better equipped to manage challenges with more confidence.

Expected outcomes

Participants will leave the session feeling more confident, aware of their own potential and able to challenge their own thinking when they are unhelpful. Participants will be equipped with strategies to enable them to handle life’s inevitable challenges with more power. purpose and success

Presenter Bio – Vicky Renouf

My name is Vicky Renouf, I am Mum to my two gorgeous children, a Speaker and Certified Life coach. My personal vision is to connect with as many women as I can and help them to live freer, fuller more expanded lives. It lights me up that I get to work to with individuals, small groups and organizations to share strategies and insights that help us to feel valued, respected and more capable than previously imagined. Every woman on the planet has so much to give and share – but sometimes we can marginalize our own longings and discontent and put others first. My role is to help us to learn the incredible value of investing in our own success, putting ourselves first and watching our world change one step at a time! I grew up in the UK and came to Wellington almost 5 years ago with my then husband who is a Kiwi. I just turned 50 and feel that this milestone helped me to see the inertia that had built up in my own private life, despite my professional success. My husband and I are now going through a separation process and I feel this has helped me to see the possibilities and opportunities that this difficult time generates for both of us. I am rebuilding my life, step by step with the happiness and wellbeing of my children  at the centre of all that I do. I can honestly say that I have in my past been all to quick to blame, complain and judge others, I have used the skills I teach others to focus all my efforts on collaboration and not conflict and so far we are working things out beautifully! I’m excited to meet you all and to help you create a life you’d love living regardless of your challenges!
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