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CITIZEN GENERATED CONTENT is displayed as links - see below. Content is streamed from any number of other Flightdec enabled websites in New Zealand or posted directly into this website. Posts are the responsibility of each publishing website, or contributor, and this website takes no responsibility for the accuracy or legality of the content displayed.


Shortland Street - The Musical

Shortland Street - The Musical is a warm-hearted musical comedy the whole family can enjoy. Playboy Doctor Chris Warner has his feathers ruffled when humanitarian Doctor Hone Ropata arrives in Ferndale; a town where love never lasts, unlikely events happen on a regular basis, and every Christmas someone dies. It's hate at first sight, but together. Keep Reading






Our Online Community 

Our Porirua is building a genuine online community of inter-connected websites. That means websites within the network are  able to self publish content to other Our Porirua websites, and selectively receive content back, while offering the chance to connect with relevant groups and networks. Most of that content is also captured right here in Our Porirua. All this is aimed at promoting a vibrant, thriving and robust community for all through sharing and connectivity.

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