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New website options with Our Porirua

Our Porirua is a community website operated by e-Learning Porirua. See a snap-shot at right on how the Our Porirua Online Community works.

The website was built and is technically maintained by Flightdec, a Wellington based internet development company, on their web platform called Flightdec Communities.

Network from your website in Our Porirua

A robust and flexible website with the easy ability to be self managed, and optimised for mobile and tablet, is what any quality website should deliver. But only a Flightdec Communities website has all this and is able to self publish content to other websites, and selectively receive content back, while offering the chance to connect with relevant groups and networks.

If you wish to have a new website which is capable of interacting and sharing content within the Our Porirua Online Community of websites, talk to Fraser Carson by email here or call him on 04 475 9500 or 021 669 101.

Themed websites are packed with quality and are affordable. These are sites where you send us your graphics for the top banner (likely to be a logo) and we format it into a pre-set layout and structure. Naturally, many organisations wish for more than a themed website, so in these cases, Flightdec can provide a proposal.




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