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Innovative Young Minds
There's not a moment to lose if you want to be a late applicant for this wonderful programme. PM, Jacinda Adern is in total support.
Four sons miss graduation
This took place late last year but what an important time to celebrate our wonderfully diverse community.
An Exchange of Friendship
Hosting strangers from far-flung destinations always gives one a totally different perspective on life. And remember to come and enjoy the Book Fair this weekend!
Innovative Curriculum
Read about the Ko Te HaporiInnovative Curriculum that Porirua College will introduce in Term 2. 
Shocked to the core
Written before the events in Christchurch, this blog shows a side to our beautiful country about which we have no right to be proud.
A variety of offerings
Make sure you check out the Eventspage so that you can take advantage of any of the variety of fun things coming up.

E-Newsletter - March 2019

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