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There's still time
Be quick to book your place at the Wellington Forum 2019 - 'Creating Tomorrow' and hear an amazing array of speakers.
Changing the Guard
The leadership changed this week and a new President and Board will take over for the year ahead.
Sporting injuries
Principal Ragne Maxwell says that limiting activity to avoid possible injury can be unrealistic. Click on the link.
Branching Out
e-Learning responded to a cry for help for training in digital literacy in Wellington's Eastern Suburbs.
True community involvement
So much work is going on with youth, local schools, and community groups
Are you free on a Tuesday
If you are, you may like to visit the Museum which records the history of the development of mental health services in New Zealand.
A bit about Tawa Rotary
Being a Rotary volunteer brings its own rewards.
Check them out
So many events to go to; so much to see and do.

E-Newsletter - June 2019

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