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Bravery 10, obstacles nil
The improvement in the ability of the contestants who have entered this event in previous years was very apparent. 
Feast of music in store
You can be sure that many of the students will be demonstrating their talents at this event from 1-4 June.
Youth and Business a win/win
A recent celebration of the successful Porirua Y2W Movement saw three new businesses sign up as partners and several youth ambassadors tell their stories.
Click on Facebook
There's not much on the website but if you click on 'Like us on Facebook'you can sit back and enjoy some of the fun videos on display there.
Travel's in the air
There will be some
 traveller's tales' to read over the coming months as I transfer blogs from another site.
Stunning history
You may not know much about the history of the Porirua Museum. There's a wealth of it on the site and you could visit to find out more.
Always something to enjoy
A dip into the Events page is always rewarding and there are lots coming up in June and beyond. 

E-Newsletter May 2018

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