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Things are hotting up as the weather cools down.
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It's this weekend!
Drop everything and go along to the Kennel Club in Prosser Street in Elsdon. Find out more here.
Overcoming the odds
Read about Beatriz's amazing journey, so far ... What will her next achievement be? 
You've got to see this
Shine's web site is a go-to place to see what our children are achieving - and it's connected to PCC as well.
Kakaho Broadwalk Progress
Have you been for a drive on Gray's Road lately? It looks different every day. Take a look at the changes.
Tawa Rotary needs pyjamas
Can you help Tawa Rotary? They need 800 pairs of new winter pyjamas for children in full-time care.
Ready for emergencies 
Our children are being upskilled in working the Civil Defence Radios. Are we as prepared for an emergency as they are?
A near-death experience
It's not just our own thoughts that count, it's those of otherstoo. I hope this guy has a re-think!
Events galore
Remember to post your events so that everyone can see what's on offer in our City. Plimmerton Rotary needs your help with this one.

E-Newsletter March 2017

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