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A day in the life of Porirua


I didn't know Kaboose Media existed, but I do now. You've done a fine job capturing the beauty and essence of Porirua in its entirety.

This video clip takes us on an aerial tour,  providing a feeling of what Porirua encompasses.  It is a love story of a harmonious place where young and old, brown and white, big and small, all live together in harmony with each other and nature.

To me it represents, freedom and happiness, where families and people are connected. Where people are able to enjoy the land they have been given and the talents of each other. It illustrates that it is our uniqueness and appreciation for each other and nature, that binds us all together in unity.

Porirua is the place of the future. A place where you feel safe and free to pursue your hobbies and dreams. 

A micro climate of sun drenched hills,  free flowing trees and fresh water by day, greeted by glorious sunsets each evening.  What more could you wish for?

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